Hot from the Capital Flavors Kitchen!

All Menu Items are served with Quality Fresh Ingredients!

All Capital Combinations are based on a minimum order of 5 people.
Prices include serving utensils, plate’s napkins, salt & pepper,
fork & knife, and chafing stands when ordering hot food.
We will pick up chafing stands the following day.
Upscale presentation is available at no extra charge.

Poultry Entrées

Chipotle Lime Chicken ...$9.95 PP (Min order 5)
Yellow rice, black beans & garden salad bread & butter

Rotisserie Chicken ...$9.29 PP (Min order 4)
Hints of lemon, oregano, garlic and pepper roasted on an open rotisserie, roasted potatoes, Garden salad, bread & butter

French Quarter Pasta ...$9.95 PP (Min order 5)
Tender white meat chicken, spicy cajun alfredo sauce served over pasta, garden salad, bread & butter

Chicken Piccata ...$9.95 PP (Min order 5)
Chicken tenders, dusted with flour and sautéed in white wine and capers, rice pilaf, garden salad, bread & butter

Boneless Mediterranean Chicken Breast ... $10.95 PP
Chicken tenders sautéed with capers, lemon,sun dried tomatoes and white wine. Served over rice with Garden Salad, bread & butter

Chicken Portabella ...$10.95 PP (Min order 5)
Chicken tenders sautéed balsamic, onions, garlic & portabella mushrooms over pasta, garden salad, bread & butter

Chicken Marsala ...$9.95 PP (Min order 5)
Chicken tenders sautéed with mushrooms, green onions and Marsalla wine, served with wild rice, house salad bread & butter

BBQ Chicken ...$11.95 PP (Min order 5)
Boneless or bone in chicken, slathered in our homemade BBQ sauce, roasted potatoes, Garden Salad, bread & butter

Curry Chicken ...$10.95 PP (Min order 5)
Diced Chicken in a coconut curry sauce over rice, Mandarin orange Caesar, bread & butter

Sweet & Sour Chicken...$8.95 PP (Min order 5)
Chicken tenders grilled and simmered with our sweet & sour sauce tossed with garden vegetables. Served with white rice, garden salad

Cornish Game Hens...$12.95 PP (Min order 10)
Roasted in house with herbs and spices. Served with grilled vegetable medley, rice, bread & butter

Garlic Chicken over Vegetable Medley...$9.95 PP (Min order 5)
Chicken tenders, marinated in Italian herbs baked with a vegetable medley, garden salad, bread & butter

Chicken Saltimbocca...$11.95 PP (Min order 10)
Chicken breast w/ prosciutto, fresh sage in a white wine sauce.
Caesar salad, confetti rice, bread & butter

Jerk Chicken Skewers...$12.95 PP (Min order 10)
Caribbean rice, bread & butter

Chipotle Chicken Bake...$10.95 PP (Min order 10)
Marinated in our homemade chipotle marinate tossed with Penne Pasta, served with bread, garden salad

Rosemary Chicken Alfredo...$10.95 PP (Min order 10)
Grilled Chicken tossed in a parmesan rosemary Alf redo sauce, penne pasta and roasted red peppers, ceasar salad, bread & butter

Chicken Parmesan Bake...$8.95 PP (Min order 10)
Bread chicken cutlets tossed in marinara sauce baked with pasta, mozzarella cheese and fresh parsley. Italian garden salad, bread sticks

Chicken Souvlaki...$10.95 PP (Min order 10)
Marinated chicken tenders garlic oregano, fresh lemon& tandoori
Chopped Greek salad, pita bread, yellow rice, chick peas

Beef & Pork Entrées

Yankee Pot Roast ...$12.95 PP (Min order 10)
Baked with onions, celery, carrots, garlic mashed potatoes, mescaline green, bread & butter

Beef Cabernet with Peppers, Onions, & Mushrooms ...$12.95 PP
Cheddar mashed potatoes with house salad, bread (Min order 10)

Pork Tenderloin ...$12.99 PP (Min order 8)
Made with Cilantro Lime Pesto and Smokey Hardwood Bacon and served with rosemary potatoes, garden salad, bread & butter

Mom's Meatloaf ...$9.95 PP (Min order 10)
Traditional favorite with garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, bread & butter

Seared Pork Chops ...$8.95 PP (Min order 5)
Served with scalloped potatoes, garden salad, bread & butter

Cuban Pork ...$10.59 PP (Min order 5)
Slow roasted pork loin, yellow rice & black beans

Carna Asada ...$11.99 PP (Min order 5)
Traditional South American meal served with salad, Pico deGallo with tortilla

Teriyaki Beef ...$11.99 PP (Min order 10)
Tender strips of beef cooked with fresh pineapple and teriyaki marinade served with rice, house salad, bread & butter

Seafood Entrées

Shrimp Sauté ...$11.95 PP (Min order 10)
Garden fresh vegetables & shrimp flash sautéed with rice pilaf, mandarin orange salad

Maryland Style Crab Cake Platter Seasonal item...Market price PP
Blend of backfin & lump crabmeat, a hint of Old Bay and house seasonings served with potato salad, coleslaw. Sandwich or platter. (Min order 5)

Shrimp Curry with Snow Peas ...$11.95 PP (Min order 5)
A flavorful blend of curry, coconut milk, snow peas & sautéed with shrimp served over rice with garden salad, bread & butter

Cajun Moon Jambalaya ...$10.95 PP (Min order 5)
Spicy seared shrimp, chunks of chicken and andouille sausage in a tangy cajun red sauce. Rice, garden salad

Seared King Salmon ...$11.95 PP (Min order 5)
Pan seared king salmon with lemon dill sauce, Caesar salad, rice pilaf, bread & butter

Seafood Creole ...$9.95 PP (Min order 5)
Shrimp, Salmon, Calamari simmered in a tomato broth with fresh vegetables served with saffron rice, garden salad, bread & butter

Stuffed Tilapia Filets ...$10.95 PP (Min order 10)
Flaky white fish stuffed with an Italian vegetable stuffing topped with cheddar, rice, garden salad, bread & butter

Seafood Newburg ...$11.99 PP (Min order 10)
Sautéed Shrimp in a rich Sherry Cream Sauce with mushroom, served over white rice with Garden Salad, Bread & Butter


Italian Entrées

Meat Lasagna ...$79.95 per pan (Each pan serves 8-9 people)

Vegetable Lasagna ...$79.95 per pan (Each pan serves 8-9 people)
Served with house salad and bread & butter

Sausage & Peppers ...$79.95 per pan (Each pan serves 8-9 people)
Sweet Italian Sausage grilled with onions, red, yellow & green pepper Italian garden salad, bread

Eggplant Parmesan ...$89.95 per pan (Each pan serves 8-9 people.)
erved with house salad and bread & butter

Chicken Parmesan ...$89.95 per pan (Each pan serves 8-9 people)
Breaded chicken cutlets tossed in marinara sauce served over pasta Italian garden salad, bread & butter, cannolis

Baked Ziti ...$69.95 per pan (Each pan serves 8-9 people.)
Ziti Pasta tossed in marinara and loaded with Ricotta & Mozzarella Cheese Italian Garden Salad, Bread & Butter

Baked Pasta Pie ...$89.95 per pan (Each pan serves 8-9 people.)
Penne pasta with black olives, green pepper, sausage, pepperoni and meatballs tossed in our marinara sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and baked. House salad, bread & butter

Baked Calzones ...$9.95 PP (Min order 10)
Italian, Philly Cheese Steak, and Vegetable served with side of marinara sauce, house salad