Cookies & Brownies ...$3.39 PP
Those mile high chocolate chip brownies & soft and chewy fresh baked cookies; Chewy Pecan, Hunky Dunky, Crazy Cranberry

Mile High Chocolate Chip Brownies ...$3.25 PP
Rich and chewy

Cannolis...$3.95 PP
Chocolate dipped shells filled with a rich and creamy cannoli filling

Blondies...$3.50 PP
A thick, rich mix of chocolate & walnuts

Fresh from the Oven Soft & Chewy Cookies ...$2.89 PP
Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Chewy pecan, Cranberry Apple

Cheesecake and Fruit ...$4.50 PP
Individual petite cheesecake and tropical fruit display

All Mixed Up Bars ...$3.95 PP
Tiger bars, zebra brownies, maple walnut bars, lemon coconut squares, and berry bunches

Black Tie Platter ...$4.50 PP
Chocolate Éclairs, Vanilla Cream Puffs, Belgian Chocolates, Blondie’s & Brownies

Greek Delight ...$3.95 PP
Baklava, Honey Crisps

Petite Extravaganza...$4.95 PP
Black Bottom Cup Cakes, Cannolis, and Cream Puffs

Big Burlee Bars ...$4.95 PP
Flavors include: Raspberry White Chocolate, Marble Cheese Truffle, Chocolate Chip, and Traditional Cheese Brulee

Petite Cheesecakes...$2.50 PP (add fruit, $4.95 PP)
Raspberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean

Miniature Cookie Basket ...$2.50 PP
A selection of our fresh baked cookies, bite size!

Tropical Fruit Bars ...$3.50 PP
Lemon Coconut and Berry Crumb

Chocolate Mind Bender ...$4.50 PP
Dark Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Candies, Chocolate Éclairs, & Chocolate Cannolis

Berry Short Cake ...$3.95 PP
Fresh berries, buttery pound cake, WOW! (Seasonal)

Fruit Cobblers ...$39.95 per pan (Min order 10)
Cherry, apple, or berry. Topped with a buttery crisp of cinnamon crumbles. (Add Vanilla Ice Cream for $2.00 PP)

Capital Overload...$5.75
Burlee Bars, Stuffed Cookies, Zebra Brownies, Chocolate Truffles, Petite Cheese Cakes

Stuffed Cookies...$3.50
Raspberry, Turtle, Cheesecake & Macaroon

Assorted Cake Slices...$3.95
Carrot, Chocolate, German Chocolate, Lemon & Strawberry

Capital Cup Cakes...$1.95
Chocolate & Vanilla with butter cream frosting

Tiramisu Cake...$4.50
Lady fingers, Espresso with a rich filling